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Estes Park Engagement Photos | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Photographer | Julia & Reid

Updated: Jan 10

Julia & Reid road tripped to Estes Park, Colorado for their Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement session in December. I think we got photos that are just as wow - worthy as Julia & Reid's love story.

I opened up my inbox one morning and was blown away that Julia had reached out to me, and instead of just a general engagement session inquiry, she and her fiancé Reid took the time to write out their entire story from meeting, to friendship to dating and the proposal story too. It is absolutely evident that they were made for each other. Here are some of my favorite parts of Julia & Reid's love story.

Julia and Reid met through mutual friends after Julia moved from Colorado to the South for medical school. They went on plenty of adventurous camping and hiking trips with mutual friends and each time their feelings grew for each other. Reid had planned a kayak trip for he and Julia and two other friends, but the other friends weren't able to attend at the last minute. They didn't want to cancel the whole trip, so Reid asked Julia if she still wanted to come. Little did they know that would be their first date of many. After that trip with Julia they both knew there was definitely something special about the other. A couple of months later, Reid visited Julia for the weekend, got up the courage to tell her how he felt and they have been dating ever since!

I can't just summarize this proposal story, it is TOO meaningful to read it from Reid's perspective. The proposal as told by Reid: While she was on a mission trip to Peru, the inspiration bug bit me in her absence and all the plans for our engagement started to fall into place. I thought there is no better place than Colorado for us to get engaged. It being her home state and a place we both have shared so many wonderful memories in. I booked our plane tickets and packed our bags all while she was still gone (a feat in it of itself). When it was time to pick her up at the airport, I told her I know she’s probably ready to be home, but we have got another flight to catch that will take us on the adventure of a lifetime. We flew to Denver early that same afternoon and were in the mountains before the sunset. I drove her to a spot near Twin Lakes that we fell in love with on a past trip. It’s a spot-on top of a mesa with some wooden swings facing the mountains. We make it to the top and everything is perfect, we have the place to ourselves, the sky is clear, and the mountains are gorgeous. All the while my stomach is doing cartwheels and I can barely form a coherent sentence. I take her hand and say something dumb that we both laugh at, but she walks with me anyways. I look into her beautiful blue eyes and know this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, I get down on one knee and ask her if she will marry me. Through the smiles and the tears, she says yes and makes me the happiest man alive... I do not know if a swing ever swung so sweet or mountains looked as majestic as they did after I proposed to Julia Rose. You all I am not even sure how this is real life, these two are so incredibly sweet, and you can easily see that in person too! I LOVED meeting them in December, we froze while we ran all over Rocky Mountain National Park for their epic Colorado Winter Engagement Portraits.

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