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Every wedding is unique, just like you. Being your photographer is a HUGE honor

and a job I take seriously.

Your photographer is an investment. Investment is indeed the right word for it, because in truth your photos will live on for generations to enjoy. Once the cake is eaten, the dress pressed and put away, and the guests back home, your photographs will endure to be revisited again and again, bringing back all the emotions! Ready to make the best investment of your life?

(Hourly Packages start at $1650)

-Every package is custom

-Contact me for detailed pricing

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-Engagement portraits

-Starting at $300

-Contact me for detailed pricing

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Question & Answer...

What do you like to photograph the most?


I would have to answer with weddings! It might be a life stage thing, since I was just a bride myself in 2017. But I also see such a huge value in wedding photography, as your photographer I literally make you your first family heirlooms. I love the craziness of the entire day, I love all the flowers, the design and decorations that go into it all, I love how your bridal party will literally cheer anytime you kiss.... But what I love most is that I get to capture moments that will never happen again, turn them into gorgeous images, and give them to you to hold on to forever. 

What kind of equipment do you use?


I use top quality Canon equipment, two camera bodies (canon 5d miii and miv), Lseries lenses only (24-70mm, 70-200mm, 100mm, 35mm &50mm) and three external flashes (canon speedlite 600exiirt).


Are you insured?


Yes! Completely insured, and I can provide insurance documents to any venues that request this information! 

How long have you been in business?


I have been in business for over 7 years! And just for the record I am a LEGAL photography business. I pay federal, state, and sales taxes, I do this because it is right, and it funds our state and country. I also pay permit fees for the majority of locations I use, which fund our national and state parks. I pay for insurance to protect my own equipment. Guys, anyone can take pictures, anyone can buy a fancy camera, but actually running a photography business is HARD. Make sure you trust a professional with your portraits just like you would trust a professional with anything else. 

How many weddings have you photographed?


I have photographed 94 weddings as of November 2, 2019! By the end of 2019 I will have photographed 97 weddings and expect to hit the big 100 by March of 2020! 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check or Card. Basically any type of payment method you could ever need. Here's the catch... Read the one! NO Venmo, facebook pay, zelle transfer, or any of those other million mobile money apps. I pay fees through my website providers to be able to legally accept and document all of my transactions. Just going to type this one more time: NO VENMO please!

How long do I have to wait to see my images?


I totally get it. I hate waiting, especially for portraits. Here's the deal, I will ALWAYS give you a preview from your session/wedding within one week. Those photos may change during the full editing process but they are something to hold you over as I do the hard work. I have a high standard of quality that every final photograph must meet. I make adjustments to each photograph individually to ensure the quality of every image. Portrait sessions will be available to the client within 4 weeks of the session date. Wedding photographs will be available to the client within 6-8 weeks of the wedding date. Know that I totally understand the wait, and I work my butt off editing your images just like they were my own. I want every single picture to look great if, and when, you hang it on your wall for everyone to see.

Do you sell prints?


Yes! Do yourself a favor, PLEASE PRINT YOUR IMAGES. There's no way you can enjoy them on your phone as much as you can seeing them on your wall, or even your fridge every single day. So, uou will receive a personal online ordering gallery after your session/wedding that will allow you to order prints, canvases, and many other printed products! I also design printed albums for weddings and portrait sessions. Just ask me about that option! I love love love albums! 

What should I expect during a session?

You can expect to smile, laugh, interact with your loved ones and with the goofy gal behind the camera! And don't worry, I will pose you 100% of the time, you will never need to wonder what to do with your hands, because come on we've all had that thought, but that's why you hired me. Let the help you out, tell you what to do and you just get to relax and enjoy some time together. So most of all, expect to have fun! 

How many outfits can I bring?


For a full portrait session I would recommend 2 outfits for a fun variety in your photographs. A lot of my sweet clients bring one more dressy outfit and one casual. Check out my Pinterest page for outfit inspiration.

Can I share my images on social media?


Absolutely always! I'm a big social media person myself. You can keep, print and share your final images as you like. In return for giving you the most gorgeous portraits that you just can't wait to share all over I ask two tiny things. Ready for them? 1. Do not edit the image on your own. That is literally what you pay me for, and no you didn't pay for that hazy instagram filter. 2. Give my business name a share in the description, or a tag on the appropriate social media platforms. You most likely heard of me because your friends shared my work, it is a quick and simple way to help me out in reaching future clients too! You already know this but word of mouth is powerful for this business and I always appreciate it!


Do you offer a second shooter for weddings?


Oh yeah! I LOVE working with other professionals at weddings. I network in several groups of Northern Colorado and Denver area professional photographers. I personally hire every second photographer I work with, I have a very strict process for hiring other photographers, they must meet a detailed list of criteria to be eligible to work a wedding with me. I put them through such a strict filter because I want ALL of your images to have the same gorgeous quality. 

Can I have the unedited images?


As I mentioned earlier I have a very selective editing process in which I sort through each image and adjust them individually. Each final image I deliver to you must meet the standard of quality and the rest are not archived. Does this mean I intentionally get rid of extra images? No! Not at all. During sorting I kick out the images that have blinks, unwanted photobombs, crazy hair, etc. I don't get rid of quality images, but give you every quality possibility. That's what you pay me for! 

Do I get the copyright?


I'm glad you asked! Simply put, no. The client does not own the copyright of the images. The money paid is for the service of photography. I own the copyright to the images, and this is completely normal. I do give the client a letter of print authorization to be able to recreate (print) the photographs at any lab of their choice. The client is still able to use the images as he/she wishes.

Have more questions? I'd love to chat. Send me a message or see the phone number below! 

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