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This title could also be worded as "What your wedding GUESTS want you to know"... is to hire a Photo Booth because come on now, we all know cocktail hour is LONG as a guest. So continuing our wedding vendor interview is our interview with The Wanderbus Story!

I met Iliana back in 2017 when I needed to hire a second photographer for a wedding I photographed, and she has actually been my go to second photographer ever since! She has the most creative eye and is the most kind and genuine person I have ever met. You can absolutely see that through how crazy creative this bus is, seriously every detail is purposeful and unique. And if you work with Iliana & Leo I guarantee you will see what I mean by genuine and kind.

So if you are worried about what your guests will do while we finish up your portraits during cocktail hour, why not provide them with a unique Photo Booth and gift them with printed memories to take with them from your wedding day too!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did the Wanderbus come about?

We are a photo booth and adventure company based out of our orange 1973 VW bus that we have lovingly renovated. We found our bus over 5 years ago and then spent a year renovating it and getting our business started. I (Iliana) have been a photographer for over 10 years and was already very familiar with the wedding industry, so when we were brainstorming what kind of business to start we realized (pretty much at the same time) that a photo booth would be perfect! But we didn’t want just any photo booth, and that’s when we decided to turn the bus into one.

We decided that we wanted to use the bus for both travel + business, so we renovated it in a way that allows us to take everything in and out and switch between being on the road and at events. Our VW bus is a campmobile, meaning it was built for adventure and meant to roam in. The bench folds down into a bed, there’s a table that pops up, and many more awesome little things that make it perfect for traveling in. At weddings, guests are always very surprised and excited to find out that we also travel in the bus—you wouldn’t believe it when you see everything set up and the photo booth running!

The adventure part of our business truly adds to the uniqueness of our photo booth, and when we roll up to your wedding, we bring all of that fun with us! We are a husband + wife duo and run the entire business ourselves at this time, with a focus on quality from start to finish. You communicate directly with us throughout the booking/planning process, and on the day of your wedding you can trust that everything will run smoothly as we help your guests pick out props, get in and out of the bus, and have an amazing photo booth experience. We have lived in Colorado most of our lives and we are proud to be part of the local business community here in our beautiful home state.

A fun fact about us is that we love… sailing! We know what you’re thinking—how do you sail in this landlocked state?! Well, we usually leave the state to sail and try to make that happen every few years, and Leo recently became a bareboat skipper. Keep an eye out for little sailing themed props we always have out for the photo booth, and the “welcome aboard” sign that greets you as you get into the bus. 

2. Why is having a Photo Booth for your wedding guests helpful?

Having a photo booth at your wedding is the absolute BEST decision, and we aren’t just saying that because we are in the biz! Photo booths are pure fun and add a special element to your reception that guests remember long after the evening comes to an end. A photo booth provides endless entertainment, breaks from the dance floor, and a place for the bride + groom to sneak away and take a breather while they smile and goof off in front of the camera. Our photo booth is unique because it’s inside of our bus, so you get to jump in and sit on the bench seat while the old school style booth takes three photos of you and prints them onsite within about one minute. You can also decide to have a photo strip guest book and have your guests leave a copy of each photo strip and sign next to it, and trust us—there’s no better guest book! You will smile every time you open it in the years after your wedding.

3.Do you have any tips for brides when it comes to booking a photo booth? Anything couples commonly overlook?

Think about what type of photo booth fits in well at your event and go from there. Get in touch with some options and find out the details of their wedding package options and what exactly is included—will photos be printed onsite? Do you get an online gallery after the event with all the photos? Will there be an attendant assisting guests at all times? Are props included in the fee? Those are some questions we would suggest asking as you are looking into booking a photo booth. Our major tip is to make sure you connect with who you are hiring and know they provide quality work and are focused on experience, because having a photo booth at your wedding is an experience—not just another camera in the room.

4. When should a bride book her photo booth?

When it comes to booking, the earlier the better with photo booths. Our couples book up to a year ahead at times, but that being said don’t be scared to drop a line to a vendor even if you decide you want the service a few months before your wedding. We have had brides reach out to us even two months before a wedding, and if we have the date open, we will gladly accommodate that. But if you want to guarantee that the photo booth you are interested in is available, it’s best to book as early as possible. Our high season is between May and October, and we also travel in the bus between weddings throughout the summer—so it’s best to get on our calendar early so you don’t miss out! 

5. Anything else to add?

If Taylor is your photographer and you decide to book our photo booth for your 2020 wedding, you will get $100 off your wedding package with us! Mention this post when you message us.

Woah! Surprise twist there if you made it this far in the blog post! Discount for my 2020 couples! Please take them up on this offer, I can't recommend this Photo Booth option more! If you are wanting to give your guests a fun and memorable wedding experience then I promise you that you want The Wanderbus Story for your wedding! And I think we should even take a portrait or two of you both outside of the bus, because how cute would that be?!

If you want to get to know more about The Wanderbus Story go check out their website and social media:




If you're ready to make your (and your guests') wedding dreams come true then please hire The Wanderbus Story for your wedding day! To be honest you'd also be making my dreams come true. I LOVE working with them, and heck I want an awesome photo booth picture too!

If you are a future Taylor Nicole Photography bride know that the Wanderbus Story and I make a killer wedding vendor team and we would LOVE to work together to keep you and your guests happy throughout your whole wedding day! Lastly, if you've worked with The Wanderbus Story before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends!

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