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What Your Wedding Florist Wants You To Know | Palmer Flowers Loveland - Colorado Wedding Florist

Our next vendor to be interviewed was Palmer Flowers Loveland! I have had the privilege of working as a vendor team with Palmer Flowers loveland several times now, you will see based on the number of gorgeous inspiration images sprinkled throughout this post! I am SO excited to introduce you to this amazing florist team and can't wait to see what they do for your wedding!

1. Tell us a little bit about your team? How long have you been doing wedding flowers?

Palmer Flowers Loveland consists of 11 women and our beloved delivery driver Steve who love everything about flowers and who have many years of experience in the flower industry. We have been a part of the Palmer Flowers family for 5 years and have created a niche in the wedding industry. We love being able to put our own spin on bridal bouquets and making the look our own while still keeping the bride's vision in mind! It's safe to say that we love all things wedding!

2. Why is hiring a florist for your wedding important/helpful?

Don't get us wrong, we love the DIY trend just as much as our brides but hiring a florist is the most stress-free thing you can do.  We get a lot of brides who come in with the idea of wanting to DIY but then quickly realize that it does take up a tremendous amount of time putting together bouquets and other big pieces. We recommend hiring a florist for those statement-making pieces and if the bride does want to do some DIY pieces to do the simple stuff, this alleviates any stress and allows the bride to relax and enjoy the days before her wedding!

3. Do you have any tips for brides when it comes to their wedding flowers, anything brides commonly overlook? 

One thing brides commonly overlook is that flowers do have specific seasons; peonies have a very limited season being middle May-June and dahlias also have a very limited season being anywhere from August-October, depending on Mother Nature.  Both are focal flowers and are the two that brides most commonly ask for! If the bride absolutely wants a certain type of flower for her wedding we certainly search high and low for that flower.  If we are unable to find that flower after exhausting our vast number of suppliers, we then find a comparable substitute that resembles the color and feel that the bride is looking for

The other thing that brides commonly overlook is that sometimes photographers and influencers put heavy filters on their photos which can totally change the color of the flowers. Unfortunately, this can often times lead to an unrealistic idea of what the bride is looking for unless she gets a photographer who edits that same way!

4. What should a bride already know when she is beginning to order wedding flowers?

When we sit down with brides it is helpful when they have an idea of the color scheme and a theme  (boho, modern, rustic).  The chosen venue usually gives us an idea of the look the bride is going for but it is definitely a good starting point.  Pinterest inspiration boards are helpful as well.

5. Who should a bride order flowers for in her wedding?

It is tradition that parents, grandparents, ushers, etc. get flowers for the wedding but it is totally personal preference.  We have seen it all and nothing is out of the ordinary!!

6. How far in advance do you recommend brides hire you for wedding flowers?

We recommend that a bride gets in contact with us at least 3 months out from their wedding but if it is May, June, August or September we recommend about 6 months out just to lock that date in, as dates do fill up.

7. Do you offer anything else for a bride on her wedding day?

We are always trying to keep up with the trends and give the brides what they want at all times! That's why we have a huge rental catalog that offers arches, chairs, votives, sign holders/easels, rugs, vases/ containers and so much more!  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us!  We’re always adding to our rentals. Our social media platforms are a good point of reference for our style and what we offer!

Palmer Flowers Loveland are such an amazing team and perfect addition for your wedding vendor team! They have so much creativity and experience in the wedding world and you will LOVE your results when you work with them!

If you want to get to know more about Palmer Flowers Loveland go check out their website and social media:




If you're ready to make your wedding flower dreams come true then reach out through the contact form at the website link above! If you've worked with Palmer Flowers Loveland before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends! Lastly, if I am your photographer I'd highly recommend booking Palmer Flowers Loveland immediately because we make a great team on your wedding day!

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