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What Your Hair & Makeup Artist Wants You To Know | Krysta Klinzmann Cosmetologist - Colorado HUMA

Updated: Mar 7

Continuing the wedding vendor interviews. I first met Krysta when I was searching for the HUMA for my own wedding in 2017. I've now had the chance to work with Krysta as a client and as a vendor team in a styled wedding shoot and a wedding I photographed this Fall! Krysta is the real deal when it comes to wedding hair and makup. She is experienced, knowledgeable and so much fun to work with!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you get into wedding hair and makeup?

I am a CO native. I grew up on the outskirts of Livermore. Other then doing hair and makeup, I love spending time with my husband and fur babies. I have been a cosmetologist for over ten years. I got into doing wedding hair and makeup as that can be one of the most rewarding moments of being a stylist. Seeing a bride feel their best, brings me so much joy! I am very creative so makeup and upstyles are some of my fav! 

2.Why is having your hair and makeup styled for your wedding important/helpful?

It is so important because there are multiple things to consider. For example: Will my style hold up to certain conditions? Can it hold the weight of my veil? Does this style go with my dress? How will my makeup photograph? Countless things that I am trained in or have had to troubleshoot.

Venue- Harmon Farms
3. Do you have any tips for brides when it comes to their hair/makeup, anything brides commonly overlook? 

Tips for brides would include making sure you have your maintenance schedule planned well. Color, cuts, waxing etc  do play an important role in even more of a successful application on my end. Waxing little peach fuzz off of eyebrows will make a much smoother precise shadow application. Small details like that are important.

4.What is the best way for a bride to prepare her hair/skin for the wedding day?

Waxing should be done no sooner then a week before your wedding. Freshly washed hair that is ideally blown out is best for an upstyle as stylists can make it as “dirty” as we like. Lastly, regular moisturizing routine is ideal to do morning of. 

5. Would you recommend a hair and makeup trial?

For the bride yes! This just makes certain the stylist and bride are on the same page and allows for adjustment before the big day. 

6. When should a bride book her HUMA?

As soon as she knows her wedding date! That way the trial (which should be scheduled for 1-2 months before the wedding date) can be reserved as well as the wedding date itself. Many dates become popular and we have multiple inquires so if you have a stylist in mind, lock them down! 

7. What is important in finding the right stylist?

You have to make sure you have similar styles. Also you have to jive!!!! You want to make sure you will be comfortable with who is in charge of your glam as your wedding day will be relatively stressful in moments especially the last prep moments. You want your stylist to help with that not add to it. 

Isn't Krysta awesome?! She has so much experience in the wedding world and is the sweetest vendor you would ever hire.

If you want to get to know more about Krysta go check out her website and social media:




If you're ready to make your wedding glamor dreams come true then reach out through the contact form at the website link above! If you've worked with Krysta before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends! Lastly if I am your photographer I'd highly recommend booking Krysta immediately because we make a great team on your wedding day!

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