Availability for 2021

Availability for 2021 is changing weekly. Mainly due to Covid-19 rescheduling. I created this calendar so you could click through to your potential 2021 reschedule date and see if I am available. This is really meant to save you weekly calendar update emails. I personally think this is a littler easier to use on a laptop/desktop computer view than a phone view. For mobile Instagram might be easier to see quickly- I post updated availability to my Instagram Stories, it is saved as "2021 Calendar" in the story highlights! - you can view that here

How To Use:

1. Click through to 2021 month(s) you are considering (sorry you have to click through the rest of 2020 too!)
2. Check your potential dates against this calendar
 -"booked" the date is not available
 -"pending" it means someone else is saving the date. You can still reach out about that date and I can update you when the status changes
3. Once you have an official 2021 date in mind PLEASE check with me again, and I will add your date to the calendar to save it for you! 

I am always available to you to answer any questions you may have, email me with questions anytime! 

Most of all thank you for your grace and patience through all of this. I know rescheduling weddings can be SO difficult, and I appreciate you taking time to consider me in this as well. I can't wait to be there with you for your wedding day!

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